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ZUK Z1 Smartphone Charging Analysis (DO NOT SUPPORT Qualcomn Quick Charge 2.0)

ZUK has recently released their very first smartphone, the ZUK Z1. This new model comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p resolution display, and is powered by a Qualcomm 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM. Compared with other smartphones, the biggest highlight for the Z1 is the impressive USB 3.0 standard TYPE C port, and it’s huge 4100 mAH battery.

Because some of our products are a perfect fit for the ZUK Z1, Tronsmart has been fortunate enough to get their international version before the official release date. Our partnership with Zuk will allow us the opportunity to do hands-on testing with the device and report our findings to our supporters.

ZUK plans to release a version for the mainland Chinese market and a second, different version tailored to the overseas market. One of the primary differences between the two versions is:

OS: ZUI vs Cyanogen OS

Charger: 5.3V 2.5A FAST CHARGE VS 5V 2A





As you know, Tronsmart manufactures a large volume of assorted Qualcomm Certified chargers. Recently, we were the first supplier in the world to release a Type C car charger which supports the quick charge QC2.0 specification. We couldn’t wait to test the ZUK Z1 to see if it supported our quick charge 2.0 technology, however, the test result ended up disappointing as we found it is not currently supported. Without the 5.3V/2.5A power adapter, and because it does not support the QC2.0 standard, we were concerned that the international version of the ZUK Z1 will cause a problem with the charging times.

We’re happy to report that the answer is NO, the charging performance is still good after our test, here are some of the test results:

We used the original 5V/2A power adapter, and original usb type C cable, and the result was the following:


Time Battery
11:27AM-11:47AM 0%-15%
11:47AM-11:57AM 15%-24%
11:57AM-12:16PM 24%-39%
12:16PM-12:27PM 39%-48%
12:27PM-13:00PM 48%-76%
13:00PM-13:50PM 76%-99%
13:50PM-13:59PM 99%-100%


We started the testing at 11:27am, and it took 20mins to charge from 0%-15%, we then tested it with a meter, with screen on, the current is running at about 1.46A, with screen off, you can get 2.0A at full speed.

The total charging time is about 2.5 hours. Considering the very large 4100mah battery, we think the charging speed is still very fast.The total charging time is about 2.5 hours, consider the 4100mah battery, we think the charging speed is still very fast.




and then we test to charge the ZUK Z1 with our wall charger / cable and Type C car charger:



Here are the test result:

Time Battery
12:45PM-12:55PM 0%-10%
12:55PM-13:05PM 10%-18%
13:05PM-13:15PM 18%-28%
13:15PM-13:25PM 28%-36%
13:25PM-13:35PM 36%-45%
13:35PM-15:10PM 45%-99%
15:10PM:15:20PM 99%-100%


The total charging time is almost the same as the original chargers. We are guessing the internation version of ZUK Z1 has locked the max current to 2A, while the china mainland version can reach 2.5A.

We are still not sure if this is software locked or hardware. If it is the software, once unlocked our charger can send a full 2.5A current to the ZUK Z1, and the charging speed will be faster.

Anyway, though this device currently lacks quick charge support, the ZUK Z1 charging speed is still acceptable (4100mah, 2.5 hours charging time). If you are considering a third party OEM \ after-market charger, our Tronsmart Type-C charger should be an excellent choice for you.



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  —- From Tronsmart

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