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Tronsmart Pavo M9 Picture-in-Picture available in the new firmware

It’s amazing function: picture-in-picture.

In the family, someone can enjoy bigger screen with some videos, but others can enjoy another videos or games at the same time from another device.  And can move the small display to any locations or adjust the display size.
Here is the change log compared to previous version.


1. Add PIP(picture in picture) function, accessible by press record button on remote.
2. Add 4K*2K@24HZ output.
3. Enable to support 1080p@24hz.
4. Optimized the Google Play Store.
5. Enable to support Google TV remote.
6. Fixed randomly workless remote apk on smartphone.
7. pre-install aptoide.
8. Optimized audio compatibility, enable to support eAC3.


Video Player

1. Fixed the wrong display of audio track.
2. Remoted the choosing notice of interesting sidelights or main films when play bdmv and iso format.
3. Adjust the notice disappear time of connection play from 3 to 6.
4. Change subtitle of Turkey to Turkish.
5. Add code to support Turkey language.
6. Add yellow color for subtile in video player.
7. Optimized connection play function.
8. Add to support simple chinese.
9. Optimized the display of controll menu when play videos.
Documents management

1. Add options whether to display when detect the USB devices
2. Fixed the blank issues when
3. Fixed no feedback when click on filter
4. Fixed the rediplay of network list when there is no network list available.
5. Fixed the blank screen when LAN->video play->home->back to application.
6. Remove notice when copy/delete successful.


Video recording.

1. Fixed the stop when mp4 format and more than 1.9G data, optimized to save the video and build a new document.
2. There are notice there is less than 100mb storage and will stop record when there is less 50mb storage.
3. Will keep recording when there is stop HDMI signals when less than 1 minutes.
4. Fixed the out-sync of sound&video when mp4 recording.

Here is the mstarupgrage.bin_150709 download link:

Here is the Pavo M9 download link:

Here is the Reset+USB updating instruction: 

Here is the Local updating instruction:
Any questions, please kindly inform us.



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