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Original Xiaomi Bluetooth Remote Controller User Manual

  • Match


Blutooth remote control is designed to fit Xiaoyi sport camera.

Double click Wifi button,  you will hear the voice prompt  and  the blue light is bright, then enter Bluetooth matching mode.


  • Photo/Video


Press the shutter button, you will hear voice prompt and the blue light is flashing and the match is successful. There is no need to match again,  as long as you press the shutter button.  If the indicator  light is red flashing, it is not connected.

Photo mode :  take photos by pressing shutter button

Video mode:  Start and finish the video by pressing the shutter button

Warm prompt:  If you want to switch the mode, you can press switch button


  1. Take off the rubber ring
  2. Back up the main body

Warm prompt : can use coin to take off the back cover



Disassembling method of Bluetooth and  selfie stick

  1. push aside the buckle
  2. push out or into Bluetooth remote control

Warn prompt:  Selfie stick for Xiaoyi  is not offered.

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