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[ROM Download] The first RK3288 Stock Firmware Release

Hi guys:

You should know, the Rockchip rk3288 has been talked for month and till today, there is no real device release to market.

But we are always keep talking with different factory, and want to release the device soon to our customers.

however, like what i said in other place, till today, the rk3288 still have some bugs, and there is no factory who can finally release the sample device. but i think there is no much time for RK3288 finally hit the market.

Today i will show you a stock firmware from one of the factory we are talking. Ok, Listen.

I release this firmware, not meaning, i think the quality is ok, or it is the factory to choose to work, just because they release the newest firmware to me, and i want some geeks/developers who are really want to learn more about rk3288 to check it first. If you don’t know what it is, DON’T DOWNLOAD IT. and if you find some bugs , welcome to leave comment here.

The firmware is for the device with:

2gb ram (samsung)

8gb rom(kingston)

ap6330 wifi module

Firmware Download link is here

the kernel version is


ant@ubuntu01 #55

Mon Jul 21 15:51:46 cst 2014


rk3288-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.ant.20140721.164453 test-keys

Vendor software version

RK3288_R_BOX_Android 4.4.2-SDK_v1.0.0_140613





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