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Onda V711 Lanches the Newest V3.2 Official Stock Firmware

Good news, Onda V711 release the newest v3.2 version firmware!

The Onda V711 has two version products, 1+8GB and 1+16GB

The New version has 10 improvements, as shown below:

1, Optimized boot speed, 4 seconds fast boot;

2, Optimized touch fluency, the main interface operation can reach 62fps;

3, Optimized system fluency, improve operating speed;
(1)the main interface rotary 1 second switch;
(2)multi-task fluency improved;
(3)the background download fluency improved;
(4)standby wake unlock fluency improved;
(5)web browsing fluency improved;

4, Optimized GPU driver, enhancing stability;

5, 4K player with a new UI, many details of the operation to improve the user experience;

6, 4K player, support for screen rotation function when video playback;

7, Increased the backlight adjustment function, lower power consumption;

8, Increased color intelligent control system, the picture even more dazzling;

9, Decreased the possibility of the wifi download disconnection for the reason of dormancy

10, Enhance the DDR frequency, improve overall performance (only for A31S models).

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