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FNF iFive 2S RK3188 2GB/16GB 9.7 inch SDK2.0 Android 4.2 OS Stock Firmware

The FNF iFive 2S is a 9.7 inch tablet with a Rockchip RK3188 quad-core processor and has 1024*768 full hd display. It has dual cameras, front 2.0MP + rear 5.0MP. Built-in bluetooth function, you can connect the keyboard and speakers through bluetooth, also can transfer files. It can support 1080P full HD video.

iFive 2S ships with android 4.1 OS, perhaps more people like the android 4.2 os, fortunately, iFive came true the desires. It can upgrade android 4.2 os, and it is the sdk2.0 version stock firmware.

Download the firmware

Maybe someone need the original android 4.1 OS, you can download here.

Password is

Download the tool and method

Password is geekbuying

It improve the performance as shown below:

1, Perfectly optimized retina screen, resolution (2048 * 1536), smooth operation with up to 60 full frames / second, improved significantly;

2, optimized graphics processor GPU performance,  run frames increased 30% to run large 3D games, reaching the advanced standard;

3, Depth optimization Android4.2.2 system, fixes Google BUG, to provide a more stable system;

4, Pass through android4.2.2 Google CTS certification, the first passed the test;

5, With smoothly support Miracast wireless transmission function, the delay time is 50% shorter than similar products;

6, Web browsing speed has accelerated 20%, multi-web browsing smoothly;

7, Browser add Web GL, support online 3D games;

8, Optimized HDMI 1080P HD video playback quality;

9, Optimized power management system, to further optimize the energy consumption and increase battery life and standby time;

10, Support Bluetooth 4.0 function.



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