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Cube U30gt2 New Custom Rom base on 1.04 Beta stock firmware

Guys, In the help of our partner, we release this new custom rom for Cube U30GT2 Tablet PC which base on the 1.04 beta stock firmware we release some days ago. The V1.04 beta firmware improve the touch screen a lot, if you have touch screen problem, you should try this.

Here is the changelog for this custom rom:

  • defaults to english
  • root
  • some bloat removed
  • busybox and init.d support
  • play/market fixes for more apps in Google Play
  • 2 gig app space (this is standard on the stock ROM)

here is the firmware download link

How to install:


  • Download and extract to a folder
  • connect the tab to the PC (you did remove the sdcard)
  • start the ROM flash tool
  • put the tab into flash mode, the PC should detect it, see below for instructions
  • install drivers if required
  • erase idb
  • flash, the ROM kit is correctly configured
  • the tab should boot to recovery and format cache, data and sdcard (this will take a few minutes)
  • the tab should now boot

Booting to Bootloader

  • Power off the Cube
  • hold Vol +
  • After 3 to 4 seconds release Vol +
  • The Cube should be detected by the PC.
  • If you have not already installed the drivers now would be a good time. I’ve included the drivers in the ROM kit in the RockusbDriver folder.




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