GeekBuying provides everything you need to support your business.

Do you want to have a car? Do you want to buy things you want without any hesitate? Do you want to become rich when you are a student? GeekBuying Make Money Program for college and university students will make all your dreams come true! Welcome to join GeekBuying!


The program is simple:


1. Show us you are proficient and expertise on marketing aspects.

Either work alone or with a team, you always have alternatives to promote the products.

Start from scratch is not an easy way to go while we believe some people can implement the campaign in variety of resources. Let’s take as an example.

Here are some tips:

1). Forum.

You have high reputation in certain forums that people ask relative questions and like your thoughts, is selling loads of Android devices e.g. tablets, smart phones and TV Box in particular. Write a review about products sold on the site and lead a discussion or a tutorial theme that will definitely increase impression and traffic to the target: As forum is such a place where gathering the people who share the same interested and have knowledge about certain sort of products, the marketing campaign becomes a piece of cake.


2). Professional Tech Blog.

Perhaps you used to work or you own a blog for a few years that attracting many visits per day, it makes sense that your professional skill and opinion are able to get traffic easily. Blogs like Gizmodo, Engadget or Techcrunch observe uncountable visitors every single day for their unique and impressive review, news and articles about products and technology.


3). Video Review.

You probably have awared of website like Youtube is a black hole that absorb loads of people by use the UGC (User generate content). You have a good channel or you know someone that is good at doing review? That’s the way you should head to, people nowadays are prefer the see the real product before they get at hands and the video review is such a key to open the door of buying.


4). SNS.

Facebook, Twitter, and etc are websites that people won’t miss to log in. Share your “discover” about product on them with your friends and make a wave of “Android TV Box” wave or else. The most important element in SNS (Social network site) is the relationship is solid and people know each other well. Your friend will be the first one who you will ask for opinion and recommendation.


And, there will be more methods of doing marketing campaign; you will find them on the way of digging.


2. Commission and benefit.

How to make money but that? What if you want to travel to China and hang out with us? We will track every single link you put in forum, blog, SNS site and etc and we will reward you with commission, free product, chance to come to China, and eventually we will help you build a fully functional website selling merchandise, you can choose to be our affiliate or start your own business afterwards. Sky’s the limit, we ensure that many of you will like this program and enjoy the fun of being a marketer. One thing that you should keep in mind is simple: no pain, no gain. Hang in there and sun will rise.


What are you waiting for? Contact us through: to start your own business and make money! You will have everything you want!


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