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QIDI Tech X-Max 3 3D Printer Troubleshooting Guidelines

System Time Modification

1. Ensure that the printer and personal computer have been connected to the same network, using any SSH connection software to access the printer’s LINUX system. In this manual, use MobaXterm access to the printer system. Please refer to the following picture.

IP Input

2. After entering, you will be asked to enter your login ID and password. Please log in with the root and password: makerbase.

The image below means successful login.

login success

Method 1

1. Install ntp by inputting the below codes

apt install ntp

During the installation, you will be required to input “Y” to confirm and enter the user password, just follow the prompts to confirm and enter.

install ntp

2. Input the below codes to choose the time zone

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

choose time zone

3. The image below means you have changed the system time.

time changed

Method 2

1. Check the date:


Set the time and date manually:

sudo date MMDDhhmm (CC)(YY)(.ss)

Among them:

MM: Month

DD: Day

hh: hour

mm: minutes

CC: century part (usually not required)

YY: last two digits of the year

ss: seconds (optional)

For example, to set the time to November 18, 2023 at 12:34

sudo date 111812342023

If Time synchronization can not work

Follow the link to set the time synced:

Error Report

Tool Head error

hot end error
This is a hotend error.

Please replace the hot end with another hotend to check if this error occurs as well.

If the other hot end is normal, just contact the after-sales service to send a new hot end.

If the error occurs on both hot ends, then the adapter board may be damaged, and you need to contact the after-sales service to send a new adapter board.

lost communication
1. It may be caused by overheating of the adapter plate

2. It may be caused by the static electricity problem of type c cable.

3. Problems caused by models.

Most cases of this error are caused by static electricity problems, which can be solved by replacing the type-c cable.

timer too close
If you encounter this error, please update the firmware to the latest. (The USB drive that came with the printer is not compatible with the previous firmware.)

If the error persists after updating the firmware, please contact after-sales support.

unable to connect
1. Please re-plug the Type C cable on the adapter board and motherboard. (Maybe the type-c cable isn’t plugged in properly.)

2. If the temperature on the screen shows 0, the adapter board may be damaged.

Please contact after-sales support.

Motherboard error

the system starts abnormally
1. Turn off the printer and wait more than a minute before restarting it. (Booting up too fast will bring up this prompt)

2. Unplug the WIFI card from the motherboard and repeat the first step.

3. If there is still a problem it could be a corrupt emmc.

Please contact after-sales support.

MCU protocol error
The motherboard can only be adapted to our modified Klipper. Our Klippers are using the previous more stable version. It is currently not supported to upgrade the version of Klipper.

movement beyond range
1. If the error is generated during printing. Please make sure that the printer model is selected correctly when slicing.

2. If the error occurs when moving the XYZ axis, please “homing” the XYZ axis first.

Make sure that the process of “homing” is normal.

If the above methods can not fix the error, please send a video of the process of the error to the after-sales support.

blank configuration file
The printer’s configuration file is blank:

You can re-upload the configuration file through the web page.

configuration file is missing
The printer’s configuration file is missing:

1. You can re-upload the configuration file through the web page.

2. update the firmware

bed mesh error
If this error occurs at the end of printing.

This will not affect the normal operation of the printer.

Please re-do the “Auto-leveling”.

QIDI TECH X-Max 3 3D Printer


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