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OSCAL Unveils Innovative Energy Storage Solutions at Intersolar/EES Europe 2024

EES Europe, renowned as the continent’s premier and most impactful showcase for batteries and energy storage systems, took place at Messe München from June 19 to 21. During this gathering, OSCAL, a pioneering name in energy storage technology, will display its newest breakthroughs in energy storage solutions, featuring the globe’s inaugural durable power station, PowerMax 3600, BP3600 Extra Battery Pack to complement the Blackview Oscal PowerMax series, along with the PM200 200W solar panel. Each one exemplifies OSCAL’s dedication to delivering dependable energy solutions for diverse uses.

OSCAL PowerMax 3600 Power Station

-World’s First Rugged Power Station for Home and Outdoor Backup

Blackview Oscal PowerMax 3600 Rugged Power Station

The PowerMax 3600 power station stands as the globe’s inaugural durable power station for both domestic and outdoor use, capable of withstanding vertical descents up to 0.8 meters. Boasting a substantial 3600Wh battery and a robust 3600W rated power, it meets the requirements of the majority of users. Its distinguishing feature lies in its entirely modular structure, enabling it to expand power to 57,600Wh (3600Wh per battery pack). PowerMax 3600’s UPS, equipped with 14 meticulously arranged output ports for powering 99% of vital devices, effortlessly assumes power in a mere 5ms, outpacing others by 50%. Concentrating on safety, it employs LiFePO4 batteries capable of sustaining up to 80% capacity across 3500 charging cycles. Additionally, PowerMax 3600 achieves swift charging, attaining 80% efficiency in a mere 69 minutes, and accommodates various charging techniques such as solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable energy sources. PowerMax 3600 solar generator not only provides five modes of LED lighting but also enables the transmission of additional information via Morse code.

OSCAL BP3600 Extra Battery Pack

Blackview Oscal BP3600 3600Wh Extra Battery Pack

When it comes to portable power solutions, Blackview Oscal has once again raised the bar with its BP3600 Extra Battery Pack.  Designed to complement the Blackview Oscal PowerMax series, this 3600Wh extra battery is your ultimate companion for extended outdoor trips, emergency preparedness, and off-grid living.

With a modular design, you can expand your primary power station’s capacity from 3.6kWh up to 57.6kWh, ensuring you’re never short on power no matter how long your adventure lasts. Each BP3600 pack holds a substantial 3600Wh of energy, allowing you to stack up to 15 units for a staggering total capacity. When paired with the PowerMax 3600, you can expect to have your battery pack ready to go in no time, ensuring you’re always prepared for unexpected power needs. Whether you’re facing harsh sunlight or dusty deserts, its anti-UV and UL94V-0 rated fire-retardant case ensures safety and longevity.

OSCAL PM200 200W Solar Panel

Oscal PM200 200W Foldable Solar Panel

The OSCAL PM200 solar panel is essential for eco-friendly energy setups. The device offers a solar energy output of 200W and includes a modifiable kickstand for ideal placement. The panel, featuring laminated technology and robust ETFE material, ensures both durability and high efficiency. With a remarkable conversion rate ranging from 21.7% to 23%, this stands out as an exceptional choice for meeting sustainable energy needs.


OSCAL offers comprehensive energy solutions tailored for both home and outdoor use, marking a significant step forward in sustainable power management. Don’t miss this chance to explore the future of power stations with OSCAL at Hall B1.370N in Messe München, Germany.


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