LONGER Ray5 20W Laser Engraving for Ceramic Art
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LONGER Research Innovations in Ray5 20W Laser Engraving for Ceramic Art

The use of laser engraving has emerged as a crucial method for creating complex patterns on ceramic surfaces. In the past, while CO2 laser engraving devices, functioning at shorter wavelengths, were frequently employed, their effectiveness on ceramics was generally found to be limited.

LONGER‘s adoption of the Diode Ray5 20W laser engraver further expands the horizons of ceramic art and personalization.

LONGER RAY5 20W Laser Engraver

Enhancing Ceramic Laser Engraving with the Ray5 20W

Leading the charge in this innovation, LONGER provides robust laser engraving devices, including the Ray5 20W. Boasting a working space of 400 x 365mm, this device is ideal for intricate and accurate ceramic engravings.

For peak efficiency, the Ray5 20W laser, characterized by its 450nm wavelength and a constant 40mm focus, underwent precise adjustments. Modifications in the intensity of the laser, the length of the pulse, and the speed of scanning were implemented to ensure top-notch engravings on diverse ceramic surfaces, particularly those with complex surface patterns or glaze layers.

The Ray5 20W, with its precise 0.08×0.1mm laser spot size and high engraving speed of up to 10000mm/min, produces detailed and deep engravings.

LONGER RAY5 20W Laser Engraver

Using the Ray5 20W resulted in deeper and more detailed engravings, and the designs were harder and more wear-resistant. This makes them suitable for both aesthetic and practical applications, such as dishware, furniture components, and outdoor sculptures.

Ceramic material selection, including stoneware, bone china, and high-fire ceramics. The type of glaze and surface finish were key factors in determining the effectiveness of laser engraving.

Additional surface treatments like glazing further improved the aesthetic and functional qualities of the engraved ceramics.

Potential Ceramic Art Designs

Ceramic art designs

LONGER’s adoption of Diode Ray5 20W further expands the horizons of ceramic art and personalization.

LONGER’s advanced laser engraving devices, like the Ray5 20W, facilitate comprehensive personalization of ceramic tableware. Examples of possible designs include:

Customized Text: Engraving plates, mugs, and bowls with distinct and clear text, complete with names, initials, or dates, is possible.

Tailored Designs: Exquisite designs and emblems, such as geometric forms, botanical patterns, or abstract shapes, are intricately etched onto ceramic exteriors.

Emblem and Branding: Laser engraving can be advantageous for businesses and unique events to craft branded tableware or marketing products.

Artwork and Illustrations: ceramic pieces can feature intricate designs and drawings, ranging from detailed depictions of particular scenes and facial characteristics to basic sketches.

Personalized Designs: Laser engraving offers boundless creative possibilities. Ceramic tableware can animate any mix of text, visuals, or fresh patterns, mirroring individual or thematic tastes.


By allowing for customized text, tailored designs, emblem branding, and artistic illustrations, the Ray5 20W opens up new dimensions in aesthetic expression and practical utility. Its ability to work effectively with different glazes and surface finishes, combined with potential post-engraving treatments, ensures that ceramic items not only look stunning but also withstand the test of time.


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