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Tronsmart MK908II Latest Firmware and Flash Method Released 20150305

Hi, glad to share Tronsmart MK908II TV dongle latest firmware, please check below information:

Download link: Tronsmart MK908II latest firmware


Flash method:

Flash tool: Rockchip BatchTool
1, Open the “RKBatchTool.exe” in the BatchTool file, on the top, you will see a “FW Path”, click the button on the right side, and select the “update_mk908ii_105j2104_tronsmart.img” file in firmware file.
2, Connect the box to the computer with USB cable, press the recover button and then power on, remove your hand from the recover button until it connect successfully that shows in  “Connected Devices”
3, Click “Upgrate” to start flash.



  1. Mario Ruiz Sánchez

    what is it inside? changelog please
    which version of android…. and is 1080 supported?

  2. still 4.2. Last time I buy something made by Tronsmart. What a pathetic company.

  3. Ionut Chiritescu

    Dont work very good!!Freezing…alot of problem!The good version is from Finless Bob 1.6!!

  4. could you please describe the problems here ,we will see what we can do to improve on it ,thanks .

  5. Nikolay Kamchev

    I have problem… The Batch Tool can’t find my MK908II… I’ve been try to do a lot of things for the last 4 hours and nothing… Just, can’t find it… I’ve been install all the existing drivers and do all step by step and nothing… I’m really pissed already :X 🙁 Can you help me with something?

  6. GeekBuyingBlog

    Dear friend

    Please try to install the drive from this link : Good luck with it

  7. Nikolay Kamchev

    I’ve tried this drivers too but nothing again… 🙁

  8. GeekBuyingBlog

    sorry friend ,please wait till Monday,we will check with professionals.