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New Firmware for iMito MX1 – WIFI Improved

New Firmware for iMito MX1 – Releaed  on 17th Feb.


Improve the wifi speed.make it much stable.

Download Link:


Upgrade Guide:

  • Unzip the .zip file and copy the update.img on the Root of MicroSD card
  • Insert the microSD card with the MX1 on, then opens a dialog to update the Firmware !
  • Click “Yes” to begin the update. During the firmware update, please do not remove the MicroSD card or turn off the Device
  • After a few minutes the device is auto-restart only.
  • Once rebooted remove the MicroSD card.


  1. Is it 1080P?

  2. Is it applicable for MX2?

  3. Hi,

    As was asked above, is this version 1080p enabled?


  4. it is not 1080p, it look bad on my 60″ tv.

  5. Dear Geek Buying,

    Could we please have another build that is 1080p enabled.


  6. Thanks,

    it improved my Wifi from 15Mbps to 19Mpbs.

  7. Hi,

    Is there any chance we will see a 1080p enabled firmware build through GeekBuying?

    It looks like Bob doesn’t have all the code he needs to build a new 1080p firmware (new 1.7 builds) with all the other latest fixes (new wireless code, ability to build a MicroSD Card upgrade image, etc). If the factory won’t release a 1080p build then can you at least get the factory to give Bob all the code he needs to generate full feature enabled versions of his builds.


  8. When I follow the instructions the MX1 does not prompt for me to update. The SD card has the image on the root and shows up in file explorer on the mx1.

  9. Is this official rom better than the custom finless 1.7?
    I hope someone who tested both of them will answer.
    My main point is: is it worth to perform the manual procedure to install the last finless rom or rather the official one is “decent”?

  10. Avatar photo

    Sorry,i don’t find your last message? what is the problem?

  11. Hey there, dropbox is rate limiting the downloads of the file. So when I click the link, dropBox says “this file is generating too much traffic” –prety much the lamest thing a host could say.

    You should use it doesn’t rate limit, it doesn’t require you to log in, it doesn’t try to advertise to people trying to download it, and it’s bitchin’

    I’ll check back to see if I can get the file later. Thanks for posting!

  12. Avatar photo

    HI,thanks for let me know this, dropbox give me some problem this days,i will try

  13. Hi,

    As asked above, is there any news about the factory 1080p firmware update?

    I am looking for 1080p firmware that can be installed via the SD Card and supports the improved WiFi drivers etc.