How to Upgrade Freelander PX2 Through TF Card? Stock Firmware Release

August 9, 2013 Liushan Tablet PCs

Many tablets are upgraded with a computer, so inconvenient. Today, we will introduce a simple way to upgrade your freelander PX2.


Named the upgrade to “” and copy it to the TF card or the root directory of PX2′s internal memory.

How to upgrade?

1. Insert TF card into PX2, press volume+ key and power key to enter recovery model, as shown below:

2. Press power to enter the interface as shown below:

3. Press volume- key,select “wipe data/factory reset” option, and press volume+ key to enter the interface like the following picture:

select “YES—delete all user data”, press volume+ key to format

4. After formatting,  press volume- key to do the following operations, choose the “” firmware and press volume+ key to confirm, then you will enter the following interface:

5.Select “” file option and press volume+ key to confirm the upgrade, the whole upgrade process will be like the following picture:

6. After upgrading, you will see the following picture:

7. After finishing upgrade, you can choose “reboot system now” and press volume+ key to confirm it.

Download the firmware here

Password is




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