CX-919 Quad Core TV Stick Android 4.2 Finless Custom Rom Release

June 13, 2013 Eric CX-919

Here is the second custom rom for CX-919 made by Finless, It based on the latest Android 4.2 Stock rom for CX-919 which we release some days ago, and here we go:

Firmware Download Link Click Here


Features and release notes for my 1.4 Android 4.2.2 ROM:

1) Rooted and new SU and Superuser applied that supports Android 4.2.2

2) I give you APP space size choices!
There are also 2gb, 4gb and 6gb parameter file options.
Read below for how to change that in the flash tool.
Realize if you use this 6gb option, internal SDcard will only have about 600 megs of free space!

3) As always, full init.d support! If you do not know what that is… ignore it. For geeks that want to use it. It is there!

4) All google required APPs updated to the latest version as of this ROM build.
This includes the play store and other required Google APPs.

5) I enabled location services. This is now in the settings menu. Tested and working with all APPs that use it. Remember to turn off GPS as we have no GPS.

6) Gameloft fix. This fixes Gameloft games from crashing to the desktop.
Many of them do not run and crash to the desktop. This is due to a license check based on the device.
Special thanks to Christian Troy for inventing this fix. I modded it for this ROM.

7) I added Freaktab user Tincore’s Key Mapper APP version 2.3.8 (which is recent release)!
This is a cool APP for you gamers that need to map keys or sticks to “touch” only games or APPs.
This thing works better than any other APP for supporting games especially ones that need touch screen support!
Learn more about it here:

8) Build.prop edit to open up the Google Play store to APPs that normally say “not compatible”.
I am spoofing a Samsung device that will show almost any APP as compatible.
Your device will show up in Google play as Samsung device not a CX-919 or RKSDK!
Understand this please.
I also left the original buiild.prop in the ROM called build.orig.
If you want to go back, just use ES FIle Explorer or a root file explorer and rename build.prop to build.old
Then rename build.orig to build.prop.
Go into settings, apps, all and go into the Google Play app. Clear the cache and data.
Reboot! You should be back to showing up your stick device.

9) Alternate launcher! Do you hate the stock launcher? Well I give you a way to change it.
After boot up go get a root file explorer like ES File Explorer.
In ES turn on root explorer and REMEMBER to also set system as RW (read/write).
Go into /system/app and rename launcher3.aps to launcher3.apk
Rename launcher2.apk to launcher2.aps
Reboot! If you try to exit to the launcher you will get errors or a black screen so just reboot using the power button on the status bar.
Now you will boot into the stock Android Launcher instead of the modded launcher they provided.
You may also delete launcher2.apk if you like to remove it forever.

10) Remote Control using RK Remote APP is now fully supported!
In the ROM kit is a RKRemoteControl.apk.
You install this on your phone or tablet and now it can remotely control your TV player!
Just put the APK on sdcard or something and install it on your Android phone, tablet, etc.
ENJOY this one! I had a HARD TIME getting it to work!

11) I added a reboot APP that will allow optional reboot options like reboot to bootloader (flash mode).

It appears Xpad.ko is in the kernel already for Xbox controller support.
However since I do not have a xbox controller I cannot test or confirm this.
Please let me know if it works.

For more information ALWAYS read the README in the ROM kit!


Here is some screenshot after you made the update:

cx-919 android 4.2 custom rom, cx-919 custom rom,

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