How to upgrade your MK808B to Android 4.2 OS with CWM Recovery

March 22, 2013 Eric MK808B

Again, in the help of¬†leolas, we make the CWM recovery for MK808B, now if you don’t know how to use rkbatch tool to flash the android 4.2 firmware, or if you use Macbook, you can try to flash with this method.

First, here is the firmware download link

We found some problem with this ROM, freaktab developer is working on a new ROM,please wait for the new upgrade.

Update instruction:

First you should follow this method to install CWM recovery on your MK808B.

And then you should do the below instruction:

1. Download and copy it to a microsd and insert it in the stick.
2. Enter cwm recovery.
3. Wipe data/factory reset
4. Advanced/wipe dalvick cache.
5. Mounts and storage/format sdcard.(recommended, can works without this step, but i suggest to do it. All data in internal sdcard will be lost)
6. Install zip from sdcard/choose zip from external sdcard/ Choose and install.
7. Reboot device.

The first boot is slow, you can wait 3 or 4 minutes, and when you enter in the system it will be slow and lagged, in next reboot it will be fine. The device is rooted by default so only need to install supersu from google play.

Enjoy, and any questions, feel free to contact us.




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