How to install CWM recovery on MK808/MK808B

March 11, 2013 Eric MK808

HI guys:

Recently i am trying to learn the CWM recovery on TV STICKS. today i follow the instruction on freaktab,and successfully installed the CWM recovery on MK808, should same as MK808B.

Why do you need to install CWM?

I am also a new student on this, in my opinion, after install the CWM, you can backup your stock firmware, and restore it easily, no need to worry about bricking the device when you use other roms. is there any other use? please tell me.

ok, here is what i am doing:

1 Download the MK808 CWM recovery here: ( if you need original MK808B, you should download from here)

2 change the download file name to

3 put the file to your micro sd card;

4 turn on your MK808/MK808B, insert the micro sd card, the system will inform you find a new update, and ask if you want to install, click ,yes, the system will reboot,and install the CWM.

after reboot, you will successfully install the CWM recovery on your MK808/MK808B.

How to check if you have succesfully installed?

1 download this reboot app (credit to Petrus on freaktab),

2 install this app to your MK808/MK808B;

3 run the reboot app, choose reboot to recovery

4 system will reboot, and if you have succefully install CMW Recovery, you will be in this menu after reboot:

so here is my thought:

1 if you can successful boot to android OS in your MK808/MK808B, then you can use that reboot app to CWM recovery and install other roms.

2 if you brick your MK808/MK808B, how should you do?

I still figure out the method, if you can not go to the android system in your MK808/MK808B, but you still want to flash the other rom with CWM recovery, you should do the following:

connect MK808 DC port with the charger, when you see the blue led light on mk808, then press the reset button, connect with hdmi cable, you will find your system also go to CWM Recovery.


Hope this is helpful for some guys.


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