How to root UG007 II Dual Core Mini PC?

March 5, 2013 Eric UG007 II

I suggest you connect the UG007 ii with your TV and your laptop together, so you can root it easily; we already tested to root UG007 ii sucessfully with the following method:

Use the DC port to power on the UG007 ii, and use the OTG Port to connect your UG007ii with your laptop.

1) Download Moborobo and unrar into a folder.

2) Download and unzip into a folder.

3) Install Moborobo and open it

4) Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your UG007ii ( you should go to “setting” –”USB”–choose” connect to pc chooice”  and then go to “Developer options”–open”USB debugging”choice)

5) Wait for Moborobo to see the device and install drivers. It will detect the device as RK3066 Series.

6)Run TPSparkyRoot.bat and follow the on-screen instructions.Your UG007ii will reboot 3 times during this process.(please remember, after each reboot, you should choose “connect to pc” every time in the UG007ii, if not, the root will be failed, that’s the reason why ask you to connect the UG007ii with TV and laptop together)When complete move on to the next step. (this root tool is based on the window n101 tablet, but please don’t worry,it can use on your tv stick, because they are the same chip)

7)Install SuperSU from Play Store.(If not installed in previous step)

8)Optional Install BusyBox from Play Store.

If all went well you should be rooted.

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