Quad Core TV Stick GK802 Finally stock in Geekbuying

December 12, 2012 Eric GK802

We have reported the quad core mini pc GK802 in last month, lots of customers are interested in this device, today, we finally get real stock from factory, and we have put the shopping link here:

Zealz GK802

The GK802 will come with Freescal iMX6 quad core cpu, and Vivante GC2000 quad core GPU. have 8GB Storage, and build in bluetooth.

You can change the screen resolution from 720p to 1080P easily; Wifi speed can reach 150Mbps without drops;

We are making the detail review and will post back here later.

But now we want to give all of the customers who are intersted in this GK802,


We have put lots of efforts in making this GK802 better, we have shipped the first beta version GK802 sample to our testers,( most of them are Tv stick geek, linux developer, Rom developer), they have reported back with lots of useful information, and we have pushed factory fixed problem, and finally release.

The copied quad core tv stick won’t get firmware update, won’t get warranty, Don’t be screwed up!!!

Please help Geekbuying to protect our product, Please say no to the copied!!!


Tomorrow we will put the GK802 seller review, the root method, and the newest firmware update method;

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