MK808 Mini PC new factory firmware release!

September 28, 2012 Eric Android TV Stick/ TV BOX

MK808, The newest Android 4.1 Mini PC, some guy have got this mini pc, and report some problems, after we talk with the factory, they release us a new firmware to fix the problem.

Attention: If you don’t understand how to flash the firmware, the wrong method can brick your Mini pc, Please make sure you understand all of the steps, and Do as your own risk!

Here we go:

1 Changelog:
a Change the CPU frequency to 1.6Ghz, (tested by antutu benchmark)
b fix the Screen Rotation in apps problem;
c Move back the ” enable ADB option” choice
d Improve the wifi signal better;

Here is the firmware download link:

You also need to download the USB driver and the flash tools here:

Firmware update guide:
Step 1: Download all the file from the link i attach, you will get 3 files, one is the firmware with *.IMG formate, the other are two  compressed files.
Step 2: Decompress that two files, you will get two folder, one name is “RockusbDriver”,this is the USB driver for MK808, there are different version (win7,win xp,win vista), please choose the correct one when you install the driver;  the other folder name is”  量产工具1.5″ this is the flash tool;

Step 3: Connect your MK808 mini pc with your computer, and install the driver:
here is very important, please find a clip, and insert it into the hole ( i mark the hole with the red circle, check following photo)

you can see,there is a button in above photo, and you must press this button with your clip,and then connect your MK808 mini PC,this important, don’t connect the mk808 with pc until you press this button with clip;

After you do that, your computer will inform you there is a new device connecting,and then you just need to choose the correct usb driver from the folder” RockusbDriver“ ,and then the driver will be installed. so till now, you finish the important step;

Step 4: open the flash tool,click ”RKBatchTool“,you can change the tools’ language as the following photo instruction” click” 语言”, select” 英文“

choose the firmware you just download

Click”Restore” button to flash the firmware;


We will take a video instruction as soon as possible and put it on our youtube channel, so you can understand it clearly.

Any questions,welcome post back.We will try our best to answer.


Offical link for buying the MK808:


mk808 firmware,

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